hello.me Top Up Tonic

A breakthrough, clinically-researched & nutrient-loaded, once-a-day supplement designed to replenish your body with everything that The Pill is known to strip away – putting that pep back in your step, even on those extra tough days.


Buh-bye yesterday.
Hello today!

Get back to looking and feeling your best. By kicking your nutrients into high gear, our hello.me  Top Up Tonic helps respond to side effects you may experience from The Pill or other forms of hormonal birth control – making you feel less blah & more be-YOU-tiful!

No bad days.

Bounce back like you never left and say ‘adios’ to the days of fatigue, nausea, mood swings and everything in between. Specially formulated by a leading female Naturopathic Doctor, our hello.me Top Up Tonic contains the perfect dose of pure and high-quality, bioavailable ingredients essential for women on The Pill or other forms of hormonal birth control.

Plus, our hello.me Top Up Tonic capsules score extra brownie points for being vegan, non-GMO and gluten & allergen-free. Oh, and did we mention no synthetic colorants or icky fillers?

Be down for whatever.

Unwanted side effects from The Pill should never define you, nor should they stop you from living your best life.

At hello.me we never settle for anything less than the best, so why should you? That’s why we’re on a mission to help solve your health, wellness & beauty woes…from the inside out. You can thank us later.

Research + Ingredients

Each ingredient in our hello.me Top Up Tonic is hand-picked in therapeutic doses from the purest and most bioavailable sources available in the world. Seriously.

To learn more about what is in our hello.me Top Up Tonic and how it works overtime to help reveal your best self, click here.

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